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Posted by on 1998 Oct 20 |

Honorless ‘Men’ Victimize Mother and Daughter

(Crossing, Zoluren: 295 Skullcleaver)

How low have we fallen when the thugs who show up to rob the bank act better than some of our own citizens?

The following account was related by someone on the Chalkboard, and Baresh saved it. The Chalkboard gets erased quickly — these parchments stay forever. This highlights why upstanding citizens of the Realms are banding together to take a stand against the corruption of our beloved Elanthia, and to let so-called citizens who act in unacceptable ways know that their days are numbered.

Review this for a shock, and then come talk about it at the Discussion area. It is time for the real men and women, the real heroes of the Land to stand up and be counted.

Trent says, ‘Elves were bred for slavery.’ Harbrace nods to Trent. Wynkynn drew his foot back to kick the girl, but apparently thought better of it. Harbrace grins at Wynkynn. Wynkynn says, ‘Bah go away I want my cash’ Wynkynn says, ‘Who cares about a little girl’ Wynkynn says, ‘I dont know her’ Telandrel glares at Wynkynn. An Elven woman exclaims, ‘don’t you even think of touching her!’ Dartani says, ‘Dare someone to thump the little girl’ Harbrace yawns expansively. Artemi lovingly asks, ‘Hey little girl, want some candy?’ Etharian asks, ‘Why is everyone so interested in this little girl?’ An Elven woman exclaims, ‘Let my daughter go…let her go. She’s just a baby!’ A little girl cries. Harbrace says, ‘a life of an elf isnt worth 2 coppers from my account’ Trent grins at Harbrace. Harbrace looked like he was about ready to slap the girl! Harbrace says, ‘finally..someone to put the elves in their place’ Harbrace says, ‘she calls her papa….’ Harbrace says, ‘HARBRACE’ Harbrace says, ‘yes..i have sinned…’ Harbrace nods. Harbrace asks, ‘me you moron..dont you remember?’ Harbrace says, ‘And some of us here only care about our money’ Harbrace points at a teak longbow he has. Harbrace asks, ‘can i hide under that gown too?’ Harbrace glances at a frightened Elven woman. A frightened Elven woman stares at Harbrace. A frightened Elven woman says, ‘You have no honor, sir, to make light of a moment like this.’ Harbrace says, ‘thanks’ Harbrace asks, ‘so how about you and me visit the local inn after all of this?’ Harbrace glances at a frightened Elven woman. Trent says, ‘Harb, you take the woman, I’ll take the girl.’ Tessa says, ‘you people should be nuetered’ Trent says, ‘I’ll jump her bones alright.’ With amazing speed, Yoldin strikes Trent in the throat with the edge of his flattened palm, sending Trent to his knees clutching his throat! Tameera says, ‘Someone thump Trent before I get ill’ Trent stands up. Trent holds hands with Yoldin. Trent’s group just went out. Dartani says, ‘I have dibs on the young one’ Dartani just tried to flirt with a little girl! Dartani says, ‘She wants me..’ Ysold says, ‘You’d be better off in another town, this one seems to full of creeps’ Dartani grins. Harbrace peers quizzically at Ysold. Harbrace asks, ‘what you want?’ Dartani says, ‘Allow the thumping to commence, Harb’ Harbrace makes a hissing noise that doesn’t really sound much like a S’Kra Mur. A frightened Elven woman says, ‘I am stronger than many of those here who are making themselves fools with their unkindness.’ A passerby runs off, screaming for the militia to arrest Dartani on the charge of public vulgarity! Dartani says, ‘LOL’ A troupe of guards come charging in! The leader says, ‘So we’ve found you, Dartani! Time to pay the price for your crimes!’ Without warning the guards manacle and chain Dartani, kick his feet out from under him, and glare down at him. Congratulating themselves at their capture, the guards head off with their prisoner. Harbrace says, ‘the guards can handle little thief but they cant kill some elven gir…err some thugs’ Harbrace exclaims, ‘kill everyone and give me the money!!’

I am disgusted, at more than one level. Let us gather our thoughts and see what we can come up with as a means of standing up against things like this that ruin the atmosphere of the Realms. Discuss it with me on the board.  

Baresh started working at the Wren’s Nest when it first opened in 349AL. He’s been hearing the news and pouring drinks ever since then.