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Posted by on 1998 Aug 26 |

Major Gorbesh Scouting Party Sighted Near Shard

Tactical Squad of the Apostles

(Shard, Ilithi: Ka’len 355) Last week, a Gorbesh scouting party in force was discovered in the Shard Gorbesh force. This force consisted of a Gorbesh commander, multiple enchanters, spheres, and archers.

The mage that saw them fled to spread the alarm.

Paladin Vasilim and one other companion went to investigate and were quickly slain.

Paladin Quicknickel then did a recon of the area with stealth. He was able to ascertain the threat and gather a strong enough hunting party to eliminate it.

There was no attempt at communication by the Gorbesh. They immediately attacked.

I awaited sending this report until I had a direct confirmation from an eyewitness. And other things concerning the Gorbesh are happening.

Last night, several moon mages observe a Corona around Hodryn, the main star in the constilation The Unicorn. After consulting with Moon Mage Digmo on this, he verified that this corona has not been seen since the last Gorbesh war.

This seems to indicate that the Gorbesh could soon be a threat again.

Ailyssa and I scouted the Dirge Gorbesh fort. There was no activity there as of this report.

Rock and the Apostles have been alerted to this potential for more problems. Everyone is encouraged to be at readiness.