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Posted by on 1998 Oct 19 |

New L’Karm Poison Defies Even Death

(Langenfirth and Therenborough, Therengia: 296 Skullcleaver 355)

(Updated and Corrected Story) While I was hand-selecting fresh new crocodile leather for some new luggage last night, a few seasoned champions died. Well, these things happen. Before long, however, I noticed Candidus had died a second time, and soon after that a third!

This was not at all usual for Sir Candidus. Between my hunting companion and myself, we thought we had enough gwethdesuans to hear most of the news, and few inquiries via the gwethdesuans later, I had the answer. L’Karm.

According to reports, there a lot of L’Karm activity along the entire road between Langenfirth and Therenborough. At first I thought the usual icky rat disease had struck again, and that for some fell reason, even departing would leave it in your body.

Thanks to Storym Icelander, though, I learned the correct reason.

Storym reported that "Halflings threw glassballs on the ground that released a poison, a very potent poison. Candidus, Lupaz, and Misur were effected by the poison, and succumbed in short order."

Salamae, Garfaldo, and Storym dispatched the L’Karm agents, and dragged their comrades to Theren.

Lupaz said, "I’m not departing yet."

When asked why he just said, "Thats why!" as Candidus was struck down again shortly after departing. Which happened again when Candidus tried to depart the next time, too. Finally after that poison had run its course it was safe to depart.

Thats when another halfling showed up and released the ichor rats.

"Poison, Disease, Bolts, the L’Karm definately know how to ruin a trip," Storym said.

What has Ralel been cooking up for us? When and where will it all end?