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Posted by on 1998 Nov 5 |

Ralel says “Get out, or else!”

(Leth Deriel, Zoluren: 365 Nissa 355)

In an apparent bid for diplomacy, Ralel has sent demands to the peoples of Elanthia, specifically those residing in Leth Deriel. He sent his granddaughter, Everleaf Silver-thorn, bearing this message:

"Ralels patience is near an end. And if the occupation continues, visitors in Leth will be in danger. If further warnings are not heeded, my grandfather will strike the heart of Lanivals Crossing"

All Humans and Dwarves [and other non-elf residents] are to vacate the city of Leth Deriel, or Ralel will launch an attack on Crossing. The reasoning behind this is that (Everleaf said) the Elves are tied to the land, and the great Sana’ati is shriveling and dying. She seems to feel that the presence of Humans and Dwarves is causing this corruption, and only by removing them from the lands, can the lands be made pure once more. She also intimated that it was this same corruption that was responsible for the Ichor Rats and more recent plague-bearing beetles, and not any of Ralel’s doing.

Everleaf sought the Bard’s to spread her message of warning, and has stated that she will seek us out again before her grandfather attacks. If need be, she said, she was willing to die for this cause.

But are we?