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Posted by on 1998 Sep 7 |

Ralel’s Background and his Future Plans

(Leth Deriel, Zoluren: 130 Shorka 355)

Last evening I took note as one of the realms Merchants showed up in town. His name was Owein and as you may already know, he specializes in cambrinth. I was lucky enough to stumble upon him in Midton Circle, a part of the nighborhood through the Almhara Arch. He was talking with Donnast and glancing curiously about at the houses, seems he is looking to buy one. He wanted to look at other neighborhoods as well, so Donnast let all that wanted to join him do so. From there we (myself, Donnast, Owein, Swanmae, Phangor, Juleanne, Danatheil, Risker, Blasword, and Durah) proceeded to Chelsea Overlook, an area set in the bluffs of Leth Deriel.

Owein briefly looked around the houses, and then we moved on to Donnast’s abode located in the Rest of Ages Inn, Leth Deriel. There he sat with us and chattered a bit, we sent Donnast and Phangor on a mission for ale. When they returned we all got drunk. After jumping on the table to my heart’s content, we settled down for business. Some proferred their runes to the Articifer for recharging, or their cambrinth items to him for reattuning. Then Blasword mentioned the L’karm and Donnast asked Owein if he’d ever heard of a man named Ralel.

Owein had vague memories of Lady Mewa’s son. As I’ve stated before in previous excerpts, Ralel is the bastard son of a Forest Elven Noble (lady Mewa) and has an unknown father. At court that is quite the gossip, and Lady Mewa did her best to keep her “son of sin” away from court and out of sight. Ralel apparantly grew up a black-minded child … from what I can determine, the kind that ties tin cans to the tails of dogs and explosives to the necks of cats.

Well one day Ralel did come to court. And he joined up with an unpopular(at the time) political party known as the Reformation Party. Eventually he wound up going on a sabbatical for this party, and came back a changed man. He was loud, cocky, and sure of himself. After being away for years, suspiciously, he was placed as the Speaker for the Forest Elven, a coveted position. And the number of nobles supporting the Reformation Party had a sudden influx. Owein was at Morganae’s Court during the times when Ralel returned.

A word of the wise to you all … never insult a Queen. Especially one as powerful as Morganae. It seems her and Ralel had a little bit of a confrontation discussing the plans for the reformation party…Morganae also apparantly supported the parties motives(so says Kristef). I can only guess that he wanted to set an attack against the North and she didnt want to risk her neck or her troops. So he called her a coward and drew down pon’ himself her wrath. He was thrown from his position as Speaker and fled from Court. However more than 1/3 of the Elven Nobles still support Ralel and his purpose. As well, he has control over several of their private armies.

The first goal of the L’karm will be in seizing the town of Leth Deriel for their control. They will throw the mayor out of power..tis rumored she has a human lover, a major nono among the Elven purists. It will be their “checkmate” move… taking the town closest to Lanival’s Crossing. From their, he might ignite the wrath of Queen Morganae or Ferdahl Kukalakai. Depending on how they react to it..he will take measures. Morganae may or may not support him to press northwards. She might take it as a threat to her own position and smash him down, or try to. Or he could just move further northward with his own small armies. NONE of these armies have we seen yet..and when we do, the results will be *DEVESTATING*.

After Owein told us of his experiences at court he left us quickly, and we stirred and drank in all of what he had spoken of.

Me and mine arent army commanders. Nor did we have wish to be. We have plans formulating, however…plans we mean to follow. We mean to inform as many people as possible when the L’Karm seem to be moving to seize Leth Deriel. IF you’re strong of heart and willing to help, try contacting Durah, Likay, Donnast or myself… Id contact Likay and Durah above all else though, since they are barbarians and all I trust they know more about combat than myself. And we WILL do our best to fight back the L’Karm. Whatever or Whoever Gwindahl stole must be of absolute importance to Ralel’s he must be kept away…….