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Posted by on 1998 Sep 1 |

Rianalee sells Information and our Future

(Crossing, Zoluren: 100 Lirisa 355)

It was during the horror of finding out about the loss of the lute, that Rianalee first showed up in Town Green Southwest. She made a few comments, then gave out some cutting insults, which drew others and mine attention to her. It became obvious that she was more than she seemed.

You see Rianalee Gromentia, an Elf She has crystal green eyes, very long thick amber hair that is braided, and pale skin. She is mature for an Elf. She is in good shape. She is holding a dagger in her right hand and a whetstone in her left. She is wearing a small sheath, a silk journey bag, a jadeite gwethdesuan, a silver medallion hanging from a delicate chain, some black calf-high boots, a black riding skirt, a tapered black leather vest laced with silver tipped rawhide and a v-necked white linen blouse with flowing sleeves.

Nothing too important except for the fact that she is mature for an elf. This would suggest a very long life indeed.

But her words were far from being unimportant. When the lute thief, Ponlakh Ashwemt was mentioned, she had this to say:

"’Tis not wise to use his name. There’s power in names. I know that he who is best left unnamed is from a dark source. And the winds whisper that he would have the lands go back to the old ways."

As an added note: The Bony Fylgjas have been chanting this during their attacks since Emuin walked the Starry road:

"Chaos turns, burns, Bracken thatches Mortals never learn, Ashwemt fetches!"
Then to further attract our attention, she showed us a worn and tattered book cover entitled "History of Aesry Surlaenis’a: by High Priestess Ilerthan".

Rianalee had asked earlier where a bard leader was, due to her opinion that bards are much easier to deal with. This may have been why she choose Trynie to lead those interested to a quieter place. The tomato fight going on at the time might have contributed to the move also.

There was no limit placed on who could join, but Rianalee did say that only those with brave souls and deep pockets need attend.

One of the bards present made a jest saying that if deep pockets are needed, that Rianalee doesn’t really want bards there. Rianalee then said, "Perhaps not. But what will you do when your guild is gone?"

With these ominous words echoing through our heads, we retired to Talbert’s Inn to further discuss matters. Any that wanted to come were welcome, deep pockets notwithstanding.

First we had a general discussion. It was mentioned that since Ponlakh Ashwemt had stole the lute (his ties to the Dragonpriests being obvious due to his ability to summon Adan’f at will), that the Dragonpriests might be reasonable for the theft.

Rianalee’s comments seemed to make this unlikely, though Ponlakh Ashwemt’s seeming Dragonpriest powers are obvious. "The Dragon Priests are a bunch of mindless zealots. They have neither the intelligence nor the scope of vision to pull something like this."

Discussion then shifted to the lute itself and Rianalee had these comments:

"You see…you never understood what it is you had down in that hole in the ground. You ‘remembered’ it and you sang about it but you never understood what it was."

One person suggested that it might be the Goddess Faenella’s lute. Rianalee said that it had belonged to her at one time, but that it has passed through many hands since then.

Another stated that it was originally the Goddess Peri’el’s instrument, to which Rianalee had these words:

"Aye. She who keeps the Dragon asleep. And those who have kept her content and comfortable while humans were still learning which end of the sword is pointy. Peri’el is the One True Hero. And you would all be well kept to remember that. If she falters, then all is lost. All."

After other various talks, Rianalee got down to business and made this proposal: "For a price, I will turn this cover over to a bard, since it’s useless to anyone else, and allow you to ask five questions. If I have the knowledge, I will answer. If you decide to accept my offer, I would suggest you gather your questions. The total is five and only five. I have a skin to protect and he that is nameless is not one I’d cross openly."

She then left us to our councils stating she would return in half an hour.

Having left us, we first being to wonder at the value of a book cover. Pentaith had these comments from his study of the histories:

"Aesry Surlaenis’a is an Elothean place… a city, a temple, a monastery…In any event, when the Dragon Priests were taking over most of the lands, Qi’Reshalia fell into their grip. The Ru’atin Peri’el … the Sisters of Peri’el … fled to Aesry Surlaenis’a."

Armed with that knowledge, we were then better able to devise our questions. This was done fairly easily.

But what price should we offer? Rianalee would not give a price, but left it to us to decide. And it was while still deciding on a price that Rianalee returned.

Possibly due to our indecision over a price, Rianalee said that a service could be offered to help with the price. That the bard who received the Book Cover would owe her a favor, to be reclaimed at Rianalee’s choosing.

She then stated that with such an agreement the price would be reduced to 15 platinum kronars. Rianalee also said that she might perhaps have something additional to sweeten such an agreement.

It was at this time that Ollyander made a truly selfless act. He offered an item of his in exchange for the 15 platinum payment. A heavy gold box encrusted with emeralds and rubies. He wished the box to be accepted as payment if Rianalee wouldn’t take our monies. The bargain was sealed with this very generous act.

Rianalee then presented Trynie with the Book Cover. We had decided that Trynie should be the one to receive it, since fate had seemed to choose her earlier.

And Trynie was also presented with an onyx medallion hanging from a delicate silver chain. When shown the medallion one saw etched onto its face a king snake coiled tightly around a lute. Rianalee had these words to say when she presented the medallion:

"Guard it well. Your Future could be there. You must all guard it well. That is as close to help as I will ever get. I know my own shortcomings."

Now for the questions. Question number 1 was, "Why was the lute taken from us?"

Rianalee answered: "The lute is the key. Its power is manifest. It holds the power to keep what once was from being again."

Question number 2 was, "Where is the lute?"

The answer given was: "With Ponlakh."

Our third question was the following: "Where is the bardess Wren being held?"

To which Rianalee answer with these most enlightening words: "She is no longer held. The winged messenger is free but hurt. I know not her whereabouts either. Follow those that had her. Be watchful. The winged messenger may no longer know who her friends are."

Due to the possible involvement of the Sisters of Peri’el our fourth question was: "How do we reach the home of the Sisterhood, the place they dwell?"

Rianalee’s answer was: "If I knew the location I would not be here with you now. I’d be rich beyond all measurement and retired. However, it is a long journey across the sea."

And the fifth question of the bargain was: "Where can the rest of the book be found?"

Rianalee’s answer was most interesting: "There are only whispers of the great library that once stood near the Sentinels. Legend is that some of those books have been smuggled here. There is one who might know of its location. That befouler of all that breathes."

Rianalee hisses a single word. "Waerd."

At this point Sadar asked a quick question about the L’Karm to which Rianalee responded that they were nothing more than a minor power play.

She left us with these parting words: "Walk carefully. More than you know hangs in the balance. Those that are stout of purpose will discover great wonders. Those that are not, well… Death is not always the worst thing that can happen. I do wish you all success. It would be inconvenient to be without bards for a few millennia."

Presented by,

Candidus Custos Tactical Squad of the Apostles  


Baresh started working at the Wren’s Nest when it first opened in 349AL. He’s been hearing the news and pouring drinks ever since then.