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Posted by on 1998 Aug 30 |

Soul Struggling Against the Undead

(Crossing, Zoluren: 99 Lirisa 355)

During the aftermath of the recent Undead invasion of the Crossings cemetary, some few people heard this:

"You hear a faint cry of distress, the cry of a soul struggling against the undead."

The cleric Kalira heard this while she was working with the dead in the Crossings after the invasion.

The bard Anlise heard this in her home in Shard.

The barbarian Eclissus also heard this cry. His location is unknown to this writer.

What is known is that all three of these people were very much involved with Emuin, the bardess Wren, and the altar restorations. This brings to mind certain lines from the Mirror Wraith Prophesy:

"Now two are one and one is lost, Held in a sanctified place. A dead man knows what the living do not, But keeps a somber face." "A confession is a treacherous thing, From a soul so weary and tattered — But words of truth will unmask the darkness… …And the work of five centuries, shattered."
Shortly after Kalira heard that cry, her and cleric Alishana heard this voice:

The voice hisses, "You are not as strong as you think….what you have done will ever torture you, we will be sure you do not forget."

The voice growls low…."Will you not have your name glorified again, amongst us?"

They both ignored this mocking voice and continued their duties assisting the dead. No other clerics present heard that voice.