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Posted by on 1998 Oct 24 |

Tension Mounting in Leth Deriel as Patrols Increase

(Leth Deriel, Zoluren: 317 Skullcleaver 355)

The Opreina Moracul, Leth Deriel’s crack defense militia is very visible in the city these days. People watch patrols come in, search the shadows warily, and wait for the leader to call out the "All Clear!" before they move to the next area.

And rightly so, too, because there are rustlings in the trees. People have reported seeing unsavory characters hiding in the shadows not too long ago, too. And now, as reported by one of the Apostle’s Scouts, Phannin, he heard the clash of sword on sword in the distance. The sound had faded before he could pinpoint the origins of the noise, though.

But not all the Leth defenders are marching out in the open, saluting you, searching area by area. Many of them are perched high in the foilage, with bow ready, hidden from all but the most perceptive of eyes. They are making ready.

The other day, an Elf in a camouflage-patterened uniform dropped down from a tree. He surveyed the area then hollered, "Clear!" before he stepped into the shadows and disappeared without a trace.

Soldiers in uniform are becoming common place in town on even single duty assignments. Recently a brute of an Elf in the uniform of the Leth Militia strode in and calmly surveyed the area. After a quick but thorough investigation, the soldier nodded his head in approval then marched off.

It is clear that Leth Deriel is not taking the whispers of war or the thinly veiled threats of the L’Karm lightly and has buckled down, drafted most of its citizens into the militia, and is preparing.

Are you prepared?