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Posted by on 1998 Sep 22 |

War Mages Prepare, Situation Grave in Leth Deriel

(Crossing, Zoluren: 192 Uthmor 355)

The events following the discussion with Guild Leader Darius on the implications of a note sent to Mayor Lyndros of Leth Deriel apprantly warning her of plans to take over her city and a probable assassination conducted by none other than the L’Karm….

After Lord Marshal Steeler had finished concurring with his master I departed from the Paladin Guild upon reassuring Darius the importance of keeping the Halfling Gwindahl safe from the hands of the L’Karm. For it seems that Darius’s information was provided by Gwindahl himself upon his escape of an enclave in Shard.

I felt the need to confer with my own Master in light of the recent events, therefore I made way out the North East Gate to visit Gauthus.

I passed trough the doors and entered the guildhall, immeadiatly dropping to one knee and bowing respectfully. After we exchanged greetings I proceeded to inform Gauthus of the situation at hand.

I spoke of how I felt the Mayor’s hired army guarding Leth Deriel was insufficient, he interjected by saying, "Be wary of messing with them Elves."

I gave him a quick nod and expressed my beliefs that we should prepare our own guild for readiness if such a crisis were to break out. Perhaps stationing a force of our own in Leth.

He replied, "Do what you think is honorable and defend the innocent of course."

He paused and I asked Firulf for guidance, then he continued to say, "But I’m afraid this Ralel is looking to ensnare us, atleast that’s what the Guildmasters believe."

A most trivial dillema indeed. Gauthus went on to say, "There is little we can do but arm our guild members as we have always done."

I stated that, with his approval I shall inform our brethren and converse with the fellow elder mages.

He sternly replied, "Do so."

With that I took leave of my master.

I ask that Warrior Mages and those alike keep close watch over the Situation in Leth and prepare yourselves for a battle ahead.