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Posted by on 1998 Dec 11 |

A Beautiful Sight Turned Bad

(The Fallow Fields, Ilithi: 109 Lirisa 356)

Something has already been told about the wonderful and dreadful events of the other day but I can expound upon them from what I observed.

I was taking a midnight swim at the Ash Grove pool in Fallow Fields, relaxing in the cool waters, enjoying the peace and quiet when the night was lit by beams of light. First a beam of azure light shot into the sky, directly towards Xibar. Followed by a beam of crimson light towards Yavash and golden one towards Katamba. While marvelling at the beauty of what I was seeing and wondering what it portended the golden beam started to darken and turn muddy grey. A beam of iridescent light shot into the sky and with no apparent target, it diffused across the span of the heavens. I immediately assumed it was for the long missing fourth moon.

The clouds that were in the sky started accumulating almost obscuring the sky completely and it soon became completely overcast. One by one the three remaining beams started to disappear. As they did the ground started to shudder building as each beam made its exit. At this time a rain started to fall and also grow in intensity. I started to become alarmed and left the pool to dry myself.

As the last beam went the storm broke with a fury and the ground heaved so violently that I was knocked over. A sudden flash of light illuminated clouds in the sky while the low rumble of thunder echoed across the realm.

Lurid green light started to flash across the sky and I sensed many being hit by them. The numbers were atonishing. A few of the bolts hit close by but I made it to shelter in Shard before one could find me. Everyone was screaming to get inside.

The rain was remarkable too. The water was hot and scalding, but was not hot enough to do any permanent damage.

Shortly after the lightening stopped Death Spirits were reported in the streets of Theren, Crossing and out the south gate of Shard. Most other creatures in the realms disappeared when the Death Spirits came. It was said that these Death Spirits were not as strong as others.

At this time I sensed a change around me. It took me awhile to pinpoint exactly what was different. I soon found that the strange words of the obelisk made sense to me as indicators of the time of day each one covering a span of time.

May the Gods protect us that this is all the has been affected by this.  

Baresh started working at the Wren’s Nest when it first opened in 349AL. He’s been hearing the news and pouring drinks ever since then.