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Posted by on 1998 Nov 28 |

Anger for an Empath?

(Shard, Ilithi: 55 Ka’len 356)

Well, my story is an interesting one, all surrounding a question, which I think needs to be answered by you all…. Why does everyone seem to becoming more and more hostile towards my fellow Empaths?

On the day in question, I walked into my guild after a trip to Crossing, only to find that my girlfriend, Caretaker Jadeith La’pale had just left rather distraught.

I was, needless to say, rather upset, and worried, so I inquired about what happened. I heard tell of some vague referances to a man named Vorloch who came into the infirmary looking for blood. Vorloch had apparently been babbling about his dislike of my fellow Empaths, and proceeded to strike Jadeith after she had offered to Heal him.

This is where the trouble started, from what I understand….

Vorloch began to threaten all of the Empaths in the room, and proceeded to make more and more trouble, upsetting my friends even more. Eventually as it happened, Jadeith’s uncle-to-be, Illumenance was in the room, and stalked Vorloch out of the city, where out of rage, and in the interest of we who cannot defend ourselves, slew this villian outright. Even dead, Vorloch continued to threaten my friends…

Do we all now have to fear for our lives while we go about our daily lives? I for one hope not. And I do hope that this is but an isolated incident, that never repeats itself… I will end with a warning… The Empaths of Shard do not take kindly to threats.