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Posted by on 1999 Feb 20 |

Avengers of Careless Killer

(The Crossing, Zoluren: 394 Nissa 356)

Well I was just sitting in crocs workin my evasion as usual — it’s sad how pitiful and low it is. I noticed suddenly about 5 people get struck down, 2 of which friends or friends of friends, at least one of them I knew was an empath.

At first I thought it was probably another goblin invasion or something, so I ran back to the Crossings as fast as I could and started hearing gweth chatter about a troublemaker named Ahmad. I found out soon that he had purposely blown naptha boxes in the empaths guild, that was the cause of the deaths.

People followed him for the next half hour or so, and I noticed from the chatter that no one, not even the GM’s, had done much about this, so I decided to start after him myself an take it into my own hands.

I tried to stalk him but he ran away too fast and then I noticed he was struck down but I don’t know who did that. I found his body with many beside it and many arrows and bolts lodged into him. Being a novice he departed and returned later threatening more people with his naptha boxes. That’s when I decided the sooner this troublemaker was walked the better.

I knew since he was first circle it wouldn’t take much to kill him, and I was so upset about what he had done I did something I normally don’t do. I killed him in town and dealt with the fine. I don’t condone killing unless it has an extremely good reason, but I felt that what he had done was reason enough.

I came out of hiding and driving in like an unbeatable force while unintentionally, I fired a crossbow bolt at Ahmad. Ahmad failed to evade, moving directly into the blow. The bolt landed a very heavy hit that imbeded the crossbow bolt into the top of Ahmad’s left foot but nicked my crossbow bolt on Ahmad’s snakeskin leathers.

The crossbow bolt lodged itself shallowly into Ahmad and * Ahmad was slain before my eyes!

A passerby ran off, screaming for the militia to arrest me on the charge of murder! Murder! Can you imagine that? I’m sure you know the rest of this little scene, a troupe of guards on spledid Clan steeds, manacles, and jail.

That’s what I got out of the deal, but I found out soon all that Ahmad got was a endangering of the public charge. This made me madder than before. I paid 1.5 plat to get my items back and he gets a small charge like that. He was killed twice after that and right before I submitted this story he was apparently pulled in by the Guardian Mages. Hopefully he gets what he deserves.

I think anyone who helped in dealing with this careless killer should be recognized whether it be a pat on the back in town or anything else, I can’t speak for others who helped but I would appreciate anything to make me feel better about what I did.