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Posted by on 1998 Dec 4 |

Commentary: The Red Winter and Sorrow Spring

(Crossing, Zoluren: Ka’len 356)

Recently, I was talking and reminiscing with patrons of the Wren’s Nest Tavern, when it was brought to my attention that -I- was listed as a traitor to the people of Elanthia by the Bard Dreamheart.

Sure enough, for some reason I was listed with those who sought to turn Wren over to the Gorbesh.

Hardly believing my eyes, I now write this to clear my good name. Never in my years have I been accused of such a thing, nor do I wish anyone to think that I would be capable of such horrid deeds.

After having stood beside Steeler and many others in the Crossing sewers, defending the Lute, Wren and the people of Elanthia, it saddens my heart that such an accusation could have been made.

[Ed. Note: I extend my very public apology to Tarwen for this. It was sloppy of me not to have researched that any better, or stated it. Aside from the two principles that I know were involved, I have edited the account to remove all the other people who had been reported to be there, too. Tarwen, nor anyone else, should be accused for just having been standing there at the time.]