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Posted by on 1999 Jan 1 |

DragonRealms Maritime Expansion

(Crossing, Zoluren: Moliko 356)

Visit the Maritime Province!

Opening to everyone, January 21st

DragonRealms Maritime Expansion

The maritime expansion is a major introduction of new areas and new mechanics into the online massive, multiplayer game, DragonRealms. Building off its already expansive world, the maritime expansion will add an entire new province located in a series of islands off the coast of the original three provinces.

The expansion will include:

  • Sailing vessels
  • Ship to Ship combat
  • Sea Monsters
  • Many new hunting areas
  • New towns, villages and cities.
  • Fishing
  • Forging of metals

  • Huge ocean (thousands of square miles)
  • Underwater combat
  • Brawling (fists, head, feet, knees, chairs, bottles and more)
  • New Spells ideally suited to an oceanic province.
  • Many new merchants
  • A new way to get favors
  • Armor and Weapon Creation
  • More (You’ll have to wait for the opening to see it all.)

This expansion continues to build on the most comprehensive and exciting massively multiplayer game ever created. The world is already huge (over 10,000 distinct locations) and the new Maritime Expansion will not only add many more areas, but expand the overall experience enjoyed by our players.

This is only the beginning. Normally, new areas, creatures and systems are added to DragonRealms monthly. However, 1999 will include several major introductions, revolving around each quarter that will include new races, new professions, and the fifth province. This is only a taste of what you can expect. Monthly introductions of new additions to the game will continue as usual. But every quarter, expect something big.