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Posted by on 1999 Jan 6 |

Editorial: Lindryl and the Fate of Leth Deriel

(Leth Deriel, Zoluren: 216 Arhat 356)

After reading over what has transpired of late and taking all things into careful consideration, I’d like to address several issues which might make the situation a bit more clear, and then offer a proposition that may change the tide of this conflict.

Mayor Lindryl is torn between her political duties and her personal life. If Ralel is given to Morganae, and her love is still in the hands of the L’Karm, it is most likely both Ralel and Keirnen will die. Lindryl doesn’t want this for obvious reasons. Lindryl has been putting all of her efforts into finding Keirnen’s cell, but it doesn’t look good. What may happen is one side or the other might offer an exchange — Keirnen for Ralel. Then both sides get what they want, and then the battle rages on. But the people of Leth are the ones who pay the price.

My parents and most of my family live in Leth, and throughout this past year, they’ve had to deal with many things — the threat of the L’Karm encampments outside the city walls, sporadic attacks upon merchant and supply caravans into the city, and constant preeching and harassment from L’Karm fanatics. Even worse yet are the problems within the city walls — the hardships suffered by civilians under military occupation; The curfews, the drunken disorderly conduct, brawls between local militia and provincial guards.. the list goes on and on.

To most citizens, it appears that the mayor is more interested in her personal relations than in ending the conflict. Many of her supporters disapprove of Keirnen in the first place.(yes, thousand-year-old traditions are hard to break, and contrary to popular belief, Humans also disapprove of Elven-Human relations) She is losing their support as the long months drag by. The speaches of the L’Karm propagandists are growing louder every day, and more and more Elven citizens, are beginning to listen.

Every fight needs a leader, and mayor Lindryl’s leadership abilities are severely comprimised by her personal involvement with Keirnen and Ralel. This fight involves more than just Lindryl Jinsaith, it involves the people of Leth. Her actions, or lack there of, are slowly destroying what little spirit remains within the city walls. For my family’s sake, and for the greater good of the city of Leth Deriel, I request that Lady Lindryl Jinsaith step down from office.

-Tirsten Evanwood

Quote from "An Account of the Elven Human War" by Rowan Windlyric: "Human and Elven interaction in matrimony is frowned upon by both races so much that couples who usually engage in such activity are put to death"