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Posted by on 1999 Jan 10 |

How Not to Be a Hero

(Crossing, Zoluren: 232 Arhat 356)

Well Baresh, Ive been a patron of your Inn for some time, and never before been motivated to tell you a story. Something I saw today just got me to thinking though.

I was walking southwards through town green in Crossing, when I saw a sight that’s not so unusual these days, one adventurer striking down another. What bugged me is that one of the two to my estimation was a good thirty circles in his guild higher than the other.

Guess who died?

Anyways, I remarked that this oldster seemed to be fond of killing youngsters in such a fashion, as I had seen him kill another roughly a week ago. Now I won’t tell you names because I’m not out to embarass anyone, I’m just sharing my feelings here.

As I remarked on this, two Mentors who happened to be there treated me very rdely, saying that the youngster was killed for something called snerting his elder. Now, I dont pretend to know what led up to the killing, but I know what I saw, and that was someone killing another who did not really have a chance to stand up to him in a fight. These Mentors in their rude fashion told me it was about respect.

Personally, I have enough respect for myself that I do not have to kill someone whose skills can’t even hold a candle to mine just to prove a point, unless it is for the absolute gravest of offenses. Now, for all I know, the one fellow graverobbed the other’s empath mother or something, that would warrant death, but I suspect that is not the case, just call it a hunch.

As I spoke my views on what had just happened, the Mentors told me to butt out, its none of my business, and so on. They seemed to be getting upset at what I was saying. Ya know what they say sometimes, the truth hurts. They basically told me that now I might have to watch my back for what I said. So it goes.

From my point of view, if I was killed by someone ridiculously more skilled than me, I would not come back full of apologies and sudden revelations about how I was in fact being a snert and from this day forth will be a model citizen.

No, if it was me, I might hold just a little grudge. Of course, this fellow that was killed, I doubt he can take revenge on the one that killed him. My fear is that he will out of frusturation vent his anger on someone who can not protect themselves from him.

It’s a vicious cycle, ya know? And one which can be avoided with a little effort. Anyways, sorry to bore you with this story Baresh, I know its none too exciting, I just felt like gettin it off my chest. I’ve been around since before the migration, and Im about to leave the realms for a few months again. Im almost afraid of what I will see when I return. Not to mention I have this fear of ocean travel.