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Posted by on 1998 Dec 8 |

Oblique Obelisks and MoonMage Dreams

(Ker’Leor, Therengia: 100 Lirisa)

It was but days hence when the MoonMage Guild began receiving the visions. First came the sight of a before-unseen transparent obelisk, the location of which was unclear. After some time came more sights…of obsidian boulders and clear, crystal lakes.

With each vision the hunt for this location grew in fervor. From Theren to Shard the search crawled, each area being poked over for clues…and then the cry went up over the gweth. Lasaden Luq had found the very spot we sought. Far north, in the wilds of Ker’Leor sat our vision revealed.

Found finally by the strange earthquake that rattled loose great black stone from the obsidian ridge within the Marauder region, the strange, almost indecipherable obelisk stood tall. Almost indecipherable. Standing some fifteen feet tall and set with four jewels at the very peak of it, the great monument was covered with words of languages that were both familiar, and never before seen.

The jewels themselves are worthy of note. One is a flame-bright ruby, another a crystal blue sapphire. The pearl is aglow with the light and colours that spray across it. And the topaz glows like our sun.

Reading it taught little, and it was hard to grow close to it. Touching it with the skill of magical focus told us only that it was a form of celestial magic…something none of us could ever recall seeing before. But it was focused study that brought us the clues of it. With each careful examination we gained bits and pieces of its written lore.

Phrases and references to Gods beloved and feared…Hodierna, Dergati, Phelim, and many more. It read also of solstices, hours, lunar occlusions, and the phases of our moons. Perhaps rather surprising to the students of our cosmos were the several references to Grazier, the lost fourth moon.

On this day, the 100th of our year, the obelisk remains a puzzle to all, even the Researcher sent by the High Mages to study it. More than this I cannot say. I leave it to others to share what more they know and what more the obelisk can teach. Is it the past it shows? Is it the future? Or does it bring us tidings of both, the ripples of Time drawing both ways? Only the obelisk knows. And by the grace of Gods and the wisdom of mortals, it will soon tell us.