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Posted by on 1998 Dec 7 |

Ogres Squatting in Wilds

(Crossing, Zoluren: 95 Lirisa 356)

Recently my family and I were on our way to the wolf clan and saw something rather suprising. We saw ogres!

We could not believe that ogres had come so close to Crossing. They were wearing heavy chain armor and are rumored to be extremely deadly in battle, especially to those of the lower ranks. The scouts use crossbows with deadly efficiency. (Survivors noted with a grin that the female ogres seemed fond of hats. Many of the victors returned sporting new and unusual hats on their heads!)

So please use caution out past the goblin fields if you are traveling that way. You may want to sharpen your sword and if you’re smart avoid the area unless with friends. Anyone who has just started or is not at least 15th circle would be advised to use extreme caution.

Tales brought in from the Riverhaven West Wilds indicate Ogres settled in there, too — and the deaths and casualties have been staggering!