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Posted by on 1998 Dec 31 |

Rumors of a New Passage to Qi’Reshalia

(The Provinces: 170 Uthmor 356)

Well Baresh I was out Hunting Snowbeast one rainy day when I decided to work a little stalking on them.

Suddenly two travelers come into me area. They are all giddy and huffy and puffy about rumors of a new passage to the fourth Province, Qi’Reshalia that has been discovered. They knew the exact location they said but the road there is tough and murky so they are trying to pave a way to the newly discovered area.

It seems that a great number of people are trying to discover a easier way to get there. but between you and me they probably came into your bar and had a few too many. I figure hey I’m a ranger and if I haven’t heard anything about it then it must be made up.

Well even though I think they might have had one to many blood grogs from your bar my ranger curiosity is just salivating to search and see if this rumor is true. Well Baresh keep your ears and eyes open if ye happen to hear something I’ll be passing around for some more of your fine elven wine.