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Posted by on 1998 Dec 8 |

S’kra Mur Paladins – Contradiction?

(Therenborough, Therengia: 85 Lirisa 356)

am Maarrk Arcelebor, S’kra Mur Paladin of Therengia. I was raised by a Dwarven Paladin after the destruction of my village at the age of 6. As such, I had little contact with S’kra in the years until I gained the right to wear the Paladin’s crest.

I am from Sraan Irhhnth but am only now learning of my culture. What I have uncovered so far has filled me with anxiety. My dilemma lies in the seeming contradiction between my S’kra background and the Paladin’s Code. A Paladin is a holy defender of all, but S’kra culture dictates that anyone outside of one’s ru’at (close circle of family and friends) should not be given trust or concern.

There is absolutely nothing dishonorable about lying to, stealing from, or cheating an outsider, assuming it profits the S’kra more than it hurts the outsider.
The preceding text is taken from Isth’hhtaw ‘hhs S’Kra’in, or Ways of the S’kra Mur. Murder is a high crime in our provinces but Eth’ral’khh culture praises assassination in the q’zhaltata, or Knife of Bold Deeds.

I cannot reconcile these differences myself and would welcome insight from others who have dealt with this. At the very least I ask that all Eth’ral’khh give thought to where their tails lie, and whether the lore of our ancestors still rings true within us. If so, I am grieved, for I am loathe to estrange myself from my own kind. If not, we have the responsibility, nay, the honor, of forming a new Ways of the S’kra Mur.

To those that would consider, rath’a saar.