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Posted by on 1998 Jan 15 |

Ten’ra Agalith Comes to Shard Again

(Shard, Ilithi: 253 Moliko 356)

Ten’ra Agalith has come to Shard again and it was met with the usual masquerades, parades, and a large merchant area. Although scholars (and reporters, I might add) are puzzled about why this regular festival is during Moliko now, and was during Lirisa the last time, people are overlooking the anomaly and just getting on with the celebration.

Citizens of the Realms will recognize some of their favorite merchants and some of their most called for goods for sale in the tents, wagons and stalls of Ten’ra Agalith. Astute shoppers will even notice several new treasures.

Fun and games await you in the Maze. The Carousel thrills people of all ages as they test their reflexes against that proverbial brass ring. Heroes and would be heroes strut their stuff as they take the hammer and try to ring the bell in an old game of travelling faires. All of this as the smell of food and money wafts on every breeze.

But do not be caught in the trap of old, remember what the first Ten’ra Agalith was about, and take a moment to make your offerings, lest woes again befall us.