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Posted by on 1999 Feb 15 |

The Kra’hei

(Ratha, Qi’Reshalia: 376 Nissa 356)

The kra’hei have entered the sewers of Ratha, sending many floating through the Starry Road. Including me, it seems.

I had had the luck of arriving at the Crossing’s pier where the Seerah was stationed and decided to take a look at the Qi’Reshelia province. So I climbed on the boat.

After wandering around and running into a few things (including that infamous hedgewizard – trust me, it is NOT amusing to be a frog), I had decided to head back. So I went to the dock and checked the schedule. It would be another two and a half hours before the ship would return, so I decided to just wander around Ratha for a while, when I heard something called the "kra’hei" were lurking in Ratha, beneath a grating. In any case, I _accidently_ discovered this grating and decided to check them out myself. (As a side note: there had already been more deaths than usual, and several people had walked, but I didn’t connect this.) After sneaking through a valve, I found one:

The kra’hei looked much like a S’kra but its features are warped. Its limbs are deformed though still powerful. The kra’hei had a wild look in its eyes and foamed at its mouth. If it was ever a civilized creature there was no longer any signs of that sanity.

I was pondering how tough it might be. I figured I could get away in time if it advanced. Wrong! It turns out the monster had spells, and cast one. In the next moment, I was struck down. I knew I was dead before the magic even got to me. Odd thing, that. It must be the slow motion of shock. I remember it still…

* Arowyn was just struck down!

A kra’hei gestured at me, sending a shard of elemental fire hurtling my way!

The shard blasted into my chest and out the other side, leaving a wide smoking hole where vital organs once were.

The chorus of foreign thoughts faded from my mind.

The cacophony of foreign thoughts faded from my mind.

My death cry echoed in my brain as it quickly dawned on me that I just died! Already, I felt the tug of eternity upon my spirit and struggled to remain tied to this world.

I felt a disquieting in my spirit as I realized I have no favors with your God and my spirit is in danger of forever departing this land and walking the Starry Road.

I didn’t even have any favors, which is one of the reasons I had decided to go back. Even as we speak, Baresh, my body is decaying past its limit. Unless a pious cleric comes along, I’m doomed.

Baresh started working at the Wren’s Nest when it first opened in 349AL. He’s been hearing the news and pouring drinks ever since then.