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Posted by on 1998 Dec 4 |

The Little Goblin That Could

(Crossing, Zoluren: Lirisa 356)

I was talking with my very good friend Allarsk in Temberg’s armory when a sight you’d never really expect to see in such a place showed up. It was a goblin! I didn’t know what its intentions were, but it was harmless to me so I didn’t feel right to attack it, even when it advanced on me. The little goblin was as naked as the day it was born, so I assumed this one to be young, and told the others to hold back attacks. (Something I almost regret now, passing up the chance of possible treasure.)

After a few missed swings at me it bolted out the door! Allarsk, another, and myself chased it all around the green. It stopped in TGSE for a few moments, searching for something and tending its wounds (though I didn’t see any visible.) Once again the little bugger took off, heading north where we lost it.

If anyone sees this little naked goblin please do not harm it. Offer to play dice with it, if you have them, as goblins are renouned for being notorious gamblers.