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Posted by on 1999 Dec 2 |

Wren Making Recovery

(Leth Deriel, Zoluren: 192 Uthmor 356)

Some time after a previous meeting with Wren (as a result of Darkskye’s call to the knights for protection of the bardess) where she left us in Leth Deriel, and where it was first apparent to me she had fully recovered her voice, I sensed she was awake once more – so, with Kiranth, made haste (as fast as we were able, on the ferry) to that fair city.

We met with Lorrek and his group (in whom Wren seems to have placed great trust, calling him the "quiet man") and joined him, ready to journey with Wren south to Shard, and a meeting between herself and Arcane Lord Galain who was told a secret seemingly of some of importance by Emuin afore his death.

On route Candidus’ group joined us (including Darkskye) and we successfully caught the gondola and headed south. Whilst on the gondola, Candidus took the opportunity to pass the book cover entitled "History of Aesry Surlaenis’a: by High Priestess Ilerthan" to Wren, inorder for her to attempt to "use" it (Rianalee had told us only a bard could use it – she hadnt said how it was to be used though. Rianalee had also attatched great importance to the book and/or its cover, and our future). Various attempts were made by Wren to use the cover, without success, thus seemingly ruling out a link between it and her.

The rest of the journey passed uneventfully, and we met with Galain and his wife, Latirah on Shard’s north bridge. The news that Galain wished only to travel to his house with Wren and Lorrek was met with some concern, many (including the Knights) feeling duty-bound to hold the door while the meeting proceeded. Eventually many agreed to this demand (except the Knights, who kept suspiciously quiet), and Galain’s small group set off for his home.

Being somewhat skilled in the art of tracking, Darkskye and myself followed their trail. After an exchange of words and view points, with various assurances on both sides, the Knights reluctantly agreed to stand down their Watch and await Galain’s party in the Golden Phoenix Inn. So we waited, during which time battle empath Seprin returned from clothes shopping for Wren, aided in her choices by Kiranth.

For the fashion concious amongst yers, they chose side-laced satin pants, a tailored silk blouse and a fitted satin dress. Candidus joined us also, having been requested to wait by Lorrek. He filled in some of the time there by singing Wren’s latest song for us:

"Across the hills of Therenbrough Lavander fields below Across the distant grasses blown A Zoluren breath drawn home." "Familiar stars above my head Laughing waters lake Gwenalion fed A fallen tree leads my trail Softly called me, tired and frail." "Let the waters of the Blessed Wash fears from out my mind Let the music of the Bard Release my heartache’s bind." "We go away and come back again Across a river and woody fen Pass the gate with noisy drone Oh Crossing! I’ve crossed home!" "Old friends fled now, this place of bitter wars A secret cavity with silent scars A hole now where unlife and unholy gripped My memory stirs, still adrift." "Let the waters of the Blessed Wash fears from out my mind Let the music of the Bard Release my heartache’s bind." "Voiceless still what brought me there Through void and overseas somewhere We cannot reach what did such wrong — I wait my ship, the unwoven song." "The same for thee who sorrow knows And with broken hopes burden bows Acquaintance clasp may give us time And thread, to heal our own." "Let the waters of the Blessed Wash fears from out my mind Let the music of the Bard Release my heartache’s bind."
Talk in the Inn drifted to the subject of Emuin, and one interesting thing came to light – Kalira (a reputable member of the cleric guild and friend of the Order of the White Rose) claimed that Emuin walked the starry road in order to save the altars (at that time, altars were being desecrated, clerics were unable to raise the dead and things were looking bleak).

Jonapth joined us, having Wren’s old Pyipya, which he wanted to show her as an aid to her returning memories. The group returned, news of Wren’s private meeting remained private, Wren accepted her new clothes and went to change with Kalira and Seprin. She didnt rejoin the folks in the Inn, and so the pyipya remains to be shown to her.

Tread softly, Solmeron Glimaro Ranger and Knight-of-Elanthia (Intelligence division)