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Posted by on 1998 Dec 27 |

Wren Windflower Awakens

(Crossing, Zoluren: 169 Uthmor 356)

First off I’d like to give my apologies for not setting quill to scroll sooner so all could know of these happenings. I forced myself to do this now, as this news is too important to many people not to be spread.

Two days ago the citizens of the realms sensed Wren Windflower awakening in the realms. For those of you that don’t know who Wren is, I suggest you look up articles about her, as her story is too long to easily tell here. (Ed. Note: The saga of the young bardess Wren can be retrieved with the cross referenced search through the parchments Baresh has set out for you, see the notes at the end of this article.)

For about 50 minutes she was within the realms, findable by all (the Find command showed her), but for some reason the spells Locate and Scry would not determine her location. Nor could familiars locate her. During this time period a few things of note happened.

Wooden wren necklaces became heavy, to the point where a few citizens were pulled to their knees with the weight.

Following this, a few of these people, and not only bards mine you, heard:

A very faint voice whispers, "Tied, cannot come home. Alas, the day comes, come to my aid?" Silence follows.

As those of you that have followed Wren’s saga know, this is contrary to the words of the Slender Alfar, who told us that Wren will return on her own. There is a reason for this that will be revealed later in this report.

So the people had instructions to go to Wren’s aid. But alas she could still not be located. What to do?

In desperation, some folks went to the former lute room, in the sewers of the Crossing. Found there was a wren feather, surely an omen if ever I’ve seen one.

It was shortly after this occurrence when war mages gained contact with familiars.

Dazalia was traveling north from Shard when her bear fir familiar first established contact with Wren. She was at the gondola when contact was made.

Dazalia’s familiar saw the interior of an enclosed wagon where Wren was lying down. A glowing elven war dog was sitting next to her already. There was no obvious exit.

The wagon is filthy and the floor is rough with splinters and gouges. Trash and filthy rags lay in scattered piles, like the nests of scavenger animals. A narrow barred window allows a faint stream of light to penetrate the stuffy interior.

Dazalia told her bear to watch and listen, and this is what the faithful elemental relayed to her as witnessed.

Wren moans. You notice a white bear sniff at Wren for a moment. Wren thrashes around a bit. Wren manages to say, "Ggggh." The white bear growls, "Wren, It’s your Grandmother…Dazalia" Wren sighs. Wren thrashes around a bit. Wren thrashes around a bit. A nasty looking guard, enters, chanting some strange words. The white bear growls, "Wren, how are you sweety?" Wren thrashes around a bit. Wren thrashes around a bit. Wren groans. The white bear growls, "Wren, are you ok hon?" Wren shakes her head. Wren manages to say, "Mmmphh!" Wren manages to say, "Ggggh." The white bear growls, "can you talk to me sweety? Anlise and I are coming for you" Wren thrashes around a bit. Wren shakes her head. Wren shakes her head. Wren shakes her head. Wren thrashes around a bit.

Wren left the conscious world it seemed (at 10:15 pm Central time.)

Dazalia told her bear to sit at this location afterwards, but some unknown force made the bear go away.

The glowing elven war dog that the bear saw was Stoneheart’s. Dazalia was later able to estimate Wren’s rough location, by using her dark familiar from the same place Stoneheart was when he contacted Wren. This bit of research by Dazalia placed Wren’s location somewhere between Dirge and Crossing.

Nothing further was heard of Wren until the next day when citizens of the realms sensed Wren awakening again (at 11:29 am central time.)

But for the entire day, not only was she unable to be found with the moon mage spells Locate or Scry, not only could familiars not detect her, but people could not even FIND her presence.

The paladin Blasword sent a notice out stating the intentions to have a prayer/singing gathering for Wren at the temple. These gatherings are very trying to organize and run, and I must say Blasword did a most commendable job.

And it was not without results. Starting roughly at 9pm Eastern Time, after about 30-45 minutes of singing and good cheer, we did see Wren. She thrashed on the ground and mumbled a garbled word as she did when Dazalia’s bear was with her. Someone was able to guard her.

Unfortunately, a couple people accidentally touched her, when trying to touch their wren items. That was all it took for her to vanish again.

I personally don’t know if one should or should not touch Wren at these attempts to free her. But it is an established fact that the Gorbesh made her fearful of empaths. This was verified by the empath that the Gorbesh captured for the specific reason of healing her partially. Never being healed totally would make anyone not want to be touched I would think.

Also worth noting was that Lanthander’s dreamstone medallion became hot to the touch at approximately the same time that Wren appeared. This medallion was at one time owned by Wren, being gifted to her by Lanthander. When Wren was captured by the Gorbesh, the medallion reappeared magically to Lanthander.

Following this, the people at the gathering renewed their efforts to sing and lend strength to Wren. Their efforts were rewarded with the following visions that I shall repeat as they were seen.

A shadowy vision of pain and struggle washes over you, and you feel neither hopeful, nor despair.

The vision intensifies for a moment and you hear the sound of cracking bones, and a muffled cry of pain.

You hear the smack of wood on stone, and the glimmer of a tear in the dark.

You see a face smashed by a heavy club, and the shadowy body of girl slump to the ground.

You see a wooden instrument with broken strings slide across the floor.

You see the pain in the eyes of one never to speak again, and hear a small chorus of singing voices far away.

You see what you could not see, but feel where you were not, could not go, and understand in your heart, what hurt is, and what is there to overcome.

You see one wandering, alone, but seeking a chorus of voices, that leads …home.

You see a blurry vision of a starless night, and bandits taking that broken form, keeping it from you, neither safe nor harmed more.

You hear a bard attempting The Cry, but not dead, yet, cannot make the call. The vision fades, softly, leaving you with neither despair, nor hope.

Wren was still unable to be found by any means. And that brings everyone up to date.

By my hand, Candidus Custos