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Posted by on 1999 May 30 |

Auryn Tells of the Rakash’ Flight

(Crossing, Zoluren: Nissa 357)

Greetings Baresh! With the arival of the new peoples, I was eager to make friends in hopes of learning from them later on. I helped gather equipment and food, and later was lucky enough to hear one of the Rakash, Auryn, tell her tale.

It’s quite a long one, and I don’t have the space to tell it here….I would be willing to pass it on word for word to any who ask me though, would you tell people that for me? Thanks.

Anyway, in essence she said that an evil warrior mage, a necromancer named Lyras, raised up their ancestors and attacked.

The Rakash and Prydaens were forced to flee and burn their dead untill they came to a place where their mages and preists joined to make an unpassable boundary, The Great Barrier he called it. He assured me that nothing could pass through, but admited that he smelt something evil and there might be some on this side. Auryn said to make sure that the dead were burnt, or eles they would rise again. Please spread the word Baresh, the Gorbesh are the least of our worrys, the undead are what will really get us.