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Posted by on 1999 Feb 27 |

Bards View-Theren Ball

(Therenborough, Therengia: 22 Akroeg 357)

Ahh, what a wonderous day this has started out to be! I had an audience with Lord Valkrin, and performed for him. He summoned me later on and told me that he had consulted his father, Lord Torsten, and I had been retained as house bard for the house of Hedeon! And..I was to perform at the grand ball that evening!!

Nervously, I went and prepared myself for the evening. What to wear? What to play? Do I play fast, or slow? Selecting my favorite gown to wear, and humming softly, I dressed in my finest. A thousand things were running through my mind, but nothing prepared me for what happened. I went to the appointed meeting place, and my escort offered me his arm, and we went into total chaos!

I was in total shock when a plate of fettucinni flew past me and landed on Lord Torsten!! Then I saw someone pour wine on him! I heard Meanne shouting at people to do their best to disrupt the ball! It seems that the servants of the houses were displeased with their Lord and Ladies, and vowed to get back at them. Conspiring amongst themselves, and some of the folks from the surrounding area, the servants traded places with the locals and utter bedlam resulted.

In the ensuing riot, for it can be called no less than that, Lord Torsten located Lady Galya, and confined her to her rooms. Never have I seen someone that was pale to start with, become as white as a sheet. For it seems Lord Torsten saw Lady Galya speaking with Meanne, and putting two and two together, came up with the notion that Lady Galya had conspired with Meanne to disgrace the house..

The following morning, after things were cleared away, and cleaned up, Lord Torsten summoned his court. Quietly, I stood by Lady Galya’s side as her uncle proclaimed her punishment, For each glass of wine "spilled" on him, she would get nothing to drink for a day…for each plate of food dumped on him, she would eat nothing for a day.

With this punishment meted out, Lady Galya went to her quarters for several days. Recently, Lord Torsten relented and released her from her sentence. NOw, if we could just get the ones who conspired in this plot to embarrass both houses, to come forward, perhaps the sun will shine bright on Therenbourough once again.