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Posted by on 1999 Mar 31 |

Brawling and Forging

(Crossings, Zoluren: 151 Shorka 357)

Roughly 14 years ago, there was a grand skill practiced by Trailblazers. That skill was brawling, the art of hand to hand combat. Many have a rank or two in this skill, but few remember how fun and exhilerating it was to obliterate an enemy with only your bare fists. Unfortunatly, the knowledge stopped short and the teachers moved on just a little before the road to Riverhaven opened back up, I believe — but dont quote me…its been a while! But now master teachers are due back. In fact, they are expected today! (by 7pm Eastern, it is rumored…)

Also now Master Forgers are beginning to take students to teach the art of forging (that’s creating your own weapons and armory for our blacksmithly challenged friends.) Why just this evening, (10pm Eastern on Wednesday, Mar 31) a Master Smith will hold an Open House at the forge outside of the Barbarian’s Guild in Riverhaven. He will be demonstrating and answering questions in anticipation of classes opening up next week. I understand the first week’s classes have all been reserved for landholders, though. But the meeting is open to the general public.

Sharpening his claws in anticipation…