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Posted by on 1999 Mar 10 |

Cantrips For Estate Warrior Mages

(Crossing, Zoluren: 67 Ka’len 357)

Estate holding Warrior Mages around the realms are flashing their new skills with the elements. According to the guild there is a cantrip for each elemental book, each with its own effects.

To learn the a mage must have knowledge about at least two spells from that book. These cantrips are flashy, but nothing else.

The fire cantrip lights a mages finger like an ember, and may be used to light cigars and charcoal. Earth cantrip is for the tired mage, who needs a seat. The seat however looks very uncomfortable. It may also be cast at friends for them to rest on aswell. Water cantrip conjures a water ball to be juggled or thrown, soaking its target. I witnessed the aether cantrip, creating a dazzling display of rainbow globes, but don’t know what else they do.

Overall cantrips are empressive to see worked, yet, in the end don’t seem to add power to the already powerful warrior mage guild.

Next week, the guild will be teaching everyone these little goodies. Have fun!

Reporting to you live, from the Crossing,

Moon Mage Mimmack