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Posted by on 1999 Apr 8 |

Cleric Recieves Vision

(Zoluren: 182 Uthmor 357)

After blessing a number of paladin blades, I decided to embark to a secret locale where I might perform the ritual of the holy bath to purify my spirit.

While there, instead of the usual vision lucky clerics might see, I saw something alltogether different…

The cold killed all sense of feeling in my limbs, and my vision faded into darkness. Exploding on the edge of night came an image, glittering brightly…

I saw a grayed skill, its jaw open. It seemed to be saying something:

‘I am niether Man nor Woman, Child not Elder can I ever be. All Life must bow before My power, Even you will come to Me. In My hands your soul shall rest, Fluttering like the bird that is caged. Till into My embrace you do succumb And in Death, eternally assuaged.’

My fiancee was with me at the time, and she saw me cramp into a fetal position, and sinks below the surface of the water. She said my eyes were wide open in terror.

It was not a pleasant visitation…

I have discussed this vision with a number of other clerics, and all have agreed that it was not one that has been seen before.

The most obvious connections are to Urrem’tier and Eylhaar, but the speaking skull hints towards Tezirah.

I am not sure of the full meaning of this vision… but I do know that I’m sure that I don’t want to see any more of its like.