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Posted by on 1999 Jun 4 |

Dispelling the Myths about the Kaldar

(Crossing, Zoluren: 12 Nissa 357)

I am not exactly certain what that foolish ill-bred fool meant to accomplish for the good of the Kaldar with his mangled speech and horrid lies, but I would like to be able to speak the truth of the Kaldar.

This so-called "Great Chief" must have come from a small, inbred group, as I have never heard of his name. And, with his obvious intelligence, the "army" he led must have been quite desperate indeed to suffer his leadership.

Do not listen to his foolish claims to be some leader, as he is obviously suffering from one too many blows to the head. The poor Kaldar talks like a Gor’Tog and has all the sense of a basketfull of Gnomes on samatak.

If you would like to actually talk to a somewhat more intelligible (not to mention intelligent) group of Kaldar, my Blood-Sister, Kaldar-Wilda, a group of my other brothers and sisters, and myself will be speaking soon on our customs and history. Much of the myths will be dispelled.

[Ed. Note: There are lectures planned for the weekend in the Crossing’s Amphitheatre with racial background information and questions and answers — but I just looked in the NEWS and cannot find a listing there anywhere about what time or days this is. Sorry about that. Stay tuned, though, these should be really educational lectures and question and answer sessions.]