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Posted by on 1999 Feb 25 |

Hedeon VS Thistlebriar — The Theren Incidents

(Therenborough, Therengia: 14 Akroeg 357)

Well Baresh I can’t say much. Not that it’s a secret yanno. But it’s just one of those things I feel people can and should go out to experience themselves. What fun would it be if I handed most of the information over on a silver plate? There are a few choice tidbits I feel ya should know though, if and before you decide to head up to Theren.

Everyone is equal apparently, in their hunt for information. You see, we are ALL considered commoners by the two "noble" houses that are currently in Therengia. Chances are that if ya go up north looking for any of the after mentioned people, you’ll stumble on the next piece of the puzzle.

Right NOW in the town of Therenborough, there be a lot of inner dispute going on, between two houses. The conflict between House Hedeon and House Thistlebriar definitely has the potential to snowball. The pawns in this fiery game of chess?

I shall start with the members of House Thistlebriar. There is: Damerron, Lord of the house, Juliane, his Lady. Verda, his old hennish sister. And last but not least, Damerron and Juliane’s son, Jarod. The house also has a few people that are allegiant to it. Ookachaka be the family bard, Amuin the family cleric, and Wardarian, the family guard. If you be curious it be wise to seek any of these people out.

And I shall finish with the members of House Hedeon. They are as follows: Torsten, Lord of the house, there is no *true* lady of the house because..well..she ran off with a bard. I don’t blame the girl, Torsten is an utter boar. Anywho, Valinice is considered Lady Hedeon, she’s Torsten’s sister or something like that. Young Galya is Torsten’s niece, and Valkrin is his son.

I suppose they have a family guard, bard and cleric just like the other house, but I don’t know who they be. Now from here on out things get awful confusing, so try to stay with me Baresh.

The houses Thistlebriar and Hedeon had a dispute which slowly became bigger and bigger. The baron wanted to throw a lovely winter ball it seems. He supposedly asked both houses to handle the preparations for him. House Thistlebriar saw the town gate and wanted to replace it with a more attractive one. House Hedeon, which seems somewhat pressed for money, wanted to keep the old gate, using the excuse that they wanted to upkeep tradition. There motives for their stance are obviously questionable.

Thats where the current disagreement started. Also their customs seem a lot different from us "Commoner’s" customs. In other words, Torsten (being the big baby he is) blames everything that can and does go wrong on his niece Galya. As punishment for "defying" him or "dishonoring the family", she is locked away in her room.

It is considered dishonor that me or anyone else spoke out against Torsten’s treatment of Galya. She was punished for our seemingly simple actions. That is how their society is, and it seems we must mind our tongues to prevent the punishment of mere children.

Well anyway, the servants of both houses got sick of the way their houses were treating them. They asked a few commoners to sub in for them the night of the ball. Salamae, Blasword, Paragon, myself, and maybe a few others subbed in for servants of both the Hedeon and Thistlebriar houses. Me and Salamae’s appointed goal was to be such horrible servants that the nobility would realize how much they should appreciate their skilled employees and not abuse them.

It went well. We spilled wine on them. Food. Sneezed on them. Wiped our dirty fingers in their hair. Wiped our noses off on their shoulders. We were basically disgusting animals, like they professed their utilitarian servants to be.

The plan sort of backfired. I hear house Hedeon is considering firing all of its servants. I also hear that house Thistlebriar will hire them if they wish to work there instead now.

Well I’m getting tired so I think I will go. But before I do here’s a bit of background information on the characters of some of the house members.

Verda can be very snobby..but she has a soft spot for animals I’s(panthers too), above all.

Galya is a family loving girl..who professes to having a wild spirit but compared to other free willed minds of our time, I just don’t see it. She appears to be an avid follower of Hodierna and is frightened of marriage.

Valkrin has a definite soft spot for Galya. Like his cousin, he will obey whatever Torsten tells him to do without question. Even if he wishes otherwise.

Earlier on when this all started up (after Galya was punished for my disapproval of the way Torsten was treating her), I picked a fight. I wanted to see how far I could push Torsten. Test his limits so to speak. Didn’t have to use much energy.

Torsten was babbling about how powerful he was(He’s actually just the Baron’s accountant or some such. He makes himself out to be the Baron’s right hand).

I said, "You sound like your a pigeon trying to become a swan…"

He responded, " And you are a rat trying to be a lion. The position is obviously not suitable for you."

I replied, after thinking a moment, " And your the….CHEESE!" Then I pointed at Torsten and bit him!

He squealed like a stuck pig and yelled, "She attacked me..!"

And then that fat stuck up slob slapped me! Of all things! A heavy child-discipliner and now a woman beater! Well..I slapped him back hehe. And *I* always thought one of the most gentlemanly and noble rules was never ever hit a woman. I guess I was mistaken on that factor.

So it went pretty bad thereon after..then everything cooled off. Now I hear Torsten wants me and Sals head on blocks for ruining his ball. I also hear that Lilea be coming soon to speak with you about the vision. I’ll leave it to her to explain, being the Moon Magess and all. Thats all for now..I do hope that you explore the happenings in Therenborough yourself.