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Posted by on 1999 May 16 |

Horrible Invasion takes Crossing by Storm

(Crossing, Zoluren: 334 Dolefaren 357)

A young elven ranger strides into the bar, a look of massive disapointment on his face. Baresh vagulely recognizes him from one visit before. The elf sits down at the bar and is greeted by a mug of elven cider.

"Hello again Baresh. I’m afraid I have some rather bad news. Gelv cyclops’s and elba Darvager’s invaded our fine city of the Crossing. I guess Riverhaven wasn’t enough for them. Luckly I wasn’t there during the battle, for alas I would have been crushed during the fighting, but I have a detailed description from my brother, who faught valiantly there."

Callandor shakes his head and continues with the story.

"From what my brother said, the invasion was in the haven first. There was a large number of defenders waiting outside of the NouthEast gate, thinking the creatures would come down the Northern Trade Route. They didn’t strike at the gate, but appeared suddenly right on Clanthew Boulevard, one of the busiest streets in the city."

"There was much loss of life, but they managed to eventually kill the creatures, but what happened after the fighting was almost worst than the battle itself. My brother lost his life in the fighting. He departed because of wanting to help the defenders even more, and when he reached his grave, he obviously opened it up, to retreave his stuff (although most of it was in his vault). Three diferent people reached into his grave and took stuff. Fourtunately, two of the graverobbers where honorable to give back his items on command. The third however, ran away when he was asked to return the items he had stolen."

"My brother hunted down the graverobber, and once cornered the thief gave him back all that he had stolen. Yet after doing this he gave my brother the hardest time, using foul language, and saying the only reason that he had given it back was because "He felt sorry for him." My brother was eventually shoved over the edge and killed the graverobber. After dealing with the fine, my brother went back to see what the graverobber said for himself."

Callandor sighs but continues with the story.

"Now killing this thief may not have been the best idea, but according to my brother, "It was the only possible means." Once he returned to see the thief, about five other people had been graverobbed by him, and they were mad too."

"At that point my brother had to continue his travels elsewhere, but I’m sure the little punk got more than he bargained for."

Callandor guzzles down his cider, gazing down into the empty mug.

"Just acouple of hints that my brother would like you to know about graverobbing. Use Wizard magic [text strings] to highlight your own name, so when one of the thieves takes something out of your grave, you can see who it was. Also, when confronting the thief, get a friend to stalk him, so that if he runs away, you know where he is."

Callandor stands up and nods to Baresh.

"Thanks for the cider, it really helped cheer up my mood."

Callandor reaches into his pocketed and pulls out a few bronze coins. He tosses them to Baresh and grins.

"Goodbye Barkeeper, and be safe"

Callandor walks out of the door, whistling a merry little tune.


Baresh started working at the Wren’s Nest when it first opened in 349AL. He’s been hearing the news and pouring drinks ever since then.