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Posted by on 1999 May 31 |

Insight on the Refugee Ways

(Crossing, Zoluren: 397 Nissa 357)

A man draped in a long cloak slowly steps through the door his head gazing down at the ground as he approaches the bar "Hello Baresh, it’s nice to see you again. No no now is not the time for drinks let me tell you my tale. As you may know the refugee’s bring many questions and few answers. I recently witnessed something that saddened me a great deal because, well it made me feel untrusted."

He sighs slightly " I was looking for one of my refugee friends, Yssan, I finally found him near the bank with another Asherah. I was asking him on the creatures that had invaded last night when poor Koronos died (seems he forgot about his wound and it killed him). Anyhows, Asherah proceeded to drag his body outside the east gate where we met another refugee Rhue. They all glanced at each other and Rhue said with what seemed to me cold and bitter words either to eat the body or burn it." He lets out a long sigh.

"I asked them to take the body to the cleric guild to have it ressurected but my words fell upon deaf ears as they started to pour naphtha on the body and prepare their ritual. I choose rather then to interfere and risk breaking any hope of understanding between us, to sit by and watch. As they performed the ritual, Koronos departed."

He pauses slightly as his finger drum on the bar, "This part is what confuses me, I had told them of what our clerics do and how they do it, and what happens to our dead if they had favors, but they either didn’t believe me or choose not to believe me. Yssan was at first angered by the bodies dissapearance but then had great sadness saying that he had failed again and had to find penance." He looks somewhat puzzled as he heads to the door.

"Baresh , we must show the refugee’s our ways, take them to the cleric guild and temple and show them…" With that he quickly slips out.