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Posted by on 1999 May 31 |

Kin, Kaldar, Tribe

(Crossing, Zoluren: 397 Nissa 357)

Me Sasher. Sasher honored Kaldar tribe leader. Tribe driven from tribeland by Gorbesh scum. Sasher arrive in Cross-ing tribeland and find Tribe gone. Little gnomes bring Sasher to Cross-ing. Sasher see evil kin attack cross-ing. Sasher must free kin. Kill necromancer, and free Kin.

Sasher call all Kaldar tribe to join at Cross-ing West gate. Look for Sasher, honored prophet Trimbolt, and honored Shaman David.

Sasher must go sing tribal song and dance ritual dance now. Send Sasher scroll at Sasher say more later.

"Sasher gonna bash, Sasher gonna smash, Sasher gonna slash and crash and Mash. Tribe gonna fight. Tribe gonna kill. Gonna get trophies and my mate gonna squeal. Sasher gonna fight, Sasher gonna win. Sasher gonna kill some tortured kin. Sasher gonna show some kin his axe. Sasher gonna give the kin some wax!"

Sasher dances about in a ritual dance.

With that he leaves.