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Posted by on 1999 Apr 29 |

Marry for Love? Not in Theren

(Therenborough, Therengia: 266 Moliko 357)

The young empath, sits up on the bar stool and waits politely for the busy barkeep Baresh to acknowledge her.

When he does the words come spilling out of her mouth, her distress evident.

"Baresh, the other evening I was standing in the Keep’s Great hall talking to my friend Narent, who is the Hedeon’s cleric. As we sat and chatted Lord Jarod and Lord Valkrin showed up, and they seemed very ill at ease. It was not long before I realized why though…Lord Torsten appeared from the dais."

"Narent and I did not know what to do, so we tried to just be quiet and blend into those big old tapestries." Hodryn frowns her thoughts troubling her sweet face.

"Lord Torsten asked them both what they wished to speak to him about. Lord Valkrin, who seemed very nervous , asked for a right to choose his own bride and to marry who he loves. Lord Torsten laughed at him and said his request is denied. Poor Lord Valkrin! He tried for some time to convince his mean old father, and finally ended up stomping from the room, he was so angry."

Twirling a glass of ale nervously Hodryn continues….

"Well then Lord Torsten asks what Lord Jarod wants. Lord Jarod asked him for permission to court Lady Galya and for her hand. He told Lord Torsten his father approved."

"Lord Torsten said…" Hodryn shivers "it is too late she is already betrothed to another. I think Lord Jarod must have been in shock, for he was silent. When he found his voice he asked who and when and lots of other questions.

"Lord Torsten said the man’s name was Edmunde, and about this time Lord Valkrin came back apologizing for his outburst! Now both Valkrin and Jarod tried to get that horrible man to let poor Lady Galya have a choice of who to marry. Of course it did not work."

Hodryn looks at Baresh with tears in her eyes. "It should not be like that, don’t you agree? How can she marry someone she does not even know, and when she is in love with Lord Jarod? They both seemed so happy. What will poor Lord Valkrin tell Lilea?"

"Baresh, there is something else. Something very bad must have happened. Theren is like a ghost town. I have not seen Lady Gayla or Lord Valkrin or their many friends in days. I worry that something terrible has happened to them."

Slipping off the barstool, Hodryn pays for her ale. "I will go watch…if I see more I will come tell you." Smiling sadly she steps outside.


Baresh started working at the Wren’s Nest when it first opened in 349AL. He’s been hearing the news and pouring drinks ever since then.