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Posted by on 1999 Apr 5 |

Mysterious Obelisk on Taisgath Island

(Taisgath, Qi’Reshalia: 169 Uthmor 357)

Yesterday, I was observing the skies and found that Xibar was completely obscuring Katamba. Not being sure whether this was a normal event, I ran to the Observatory east of the Crossing and asked my fellow Moon Mages. As soon as I said, "eclipse" a certain main, Serengil, started to become very worried.

Well, it turned out he thought I meant eclipse of the sun, but there were other things on his mind. I met him again in the Middens, and he was talking with a group of Moon Mages. It seemed they had been receiving strange visions of a faraway island and that they had heard there were strange things going on in Taisgath.

Unfortunately, at this very moment, the moons, which had been very strong and in conjunction, set, leaving the sky moonless and teleportation out of the question. Hearing that there was a strange obelisk on Taisgath and a portal leading to that island, I suggested we try to catch the Seerah, which boat we ran to and quickly boarded.

I will not bore the reader with the details of my trip, but suffice it to say that some where very worried given the visions and circumstances and whatnot.

We got to Taisgath Island, and lo, there was a tall obelisk there. It had strange inscriptions on it, some of which were intelligible to the eye, some of which were not, and, on top of that, the inscriptions wavered every now and again and were hard to focus the eyes on for study. On the four sides of the obelisk were four jewels, high up enough to be unreachable, namely a ruby, a sapphire, a topaz, and a pearl.

Also present at the obelisk was the Moon Mage Council Researcher Taola (who gave me his guava fruit, for which I am very thankful!), and who seemed very worried about the circumstances and the inscriptions which were occasionally successfully read on the obelisk.

As, finally, after a long wait, the moons began to rise, one by one, each one was accompanied by a flare of the obelisk. All three risen, the inscriptions on the obelisk apparently changed. I had stepped out of the room, and consequently do not know whether perhaps this was accompanied by a tremor or a clap of thunder or some other spectacular sign, but it seemed that afterwards the inscriptions were indeed different.

The obelisk’s inscriptions began wavering faster and faster, and suddenly, all four jewels flared in succession, forming a portal, the last jewel creating the image of a winged skull thereupon!

Subsequently, a mysterious voice said, "Not yet, my faithful."

I began to shout at this voice, "Thou coward who speaks invisibly and frightens! Show thyself!" but my companions began asking in a shocked tone, "Challenge Tezirah?" and one, who had been of a particularly disagreeable disposition from the start, actually suggested that I be thumped.

This is the complete collection, or as near as we could get to it, of ALL the inscriptions read from the obelisk.

We saw references to…

Illusions, Taola, Shadowmasters, Curse, Bloodshed, MoonMage Guild, A Warrior Saint, Xibar, Shadows, Danger, Amiss, In your hands alone, soulless, Mortreyu, A curse the only prize, Danger of Illusion, Betrayal, Work of five hundred years undone, Stavros, Dreams, War, power of choices, unmask the darkness, music box, Demosel, confession, Artisan, Lomtaun, war of lies, weapons, Tezirah, Gylwyn, the price of power, darkling treason, forbidden acts, bridge of life and death, three Deceivers, trinket, Erzebet, two are one, wraith, Andraethu, and Tiv.

Many noted the similarities of these fragments to fragments from The Prophecy of the Three Deceivers.

After that, no new things happening, I took my leave of the place.