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Posted by on 1999 May 3 |

Odd Halucination in the Streets of the Crossing

(Crossing, Zoluren: 281 Skullcleaver 357)

A young Human walks into the bar, finds himself a stool, and plops himself down.

Using a bit of slight of hand, a pair of silver kronars ‘appear’ from each of Baresh’s ears, which is promptly handed to the barkeep.

"Ale, keep the change."

Baresh cleans out a mug, looking at the young man expectantly.

"Between the slaughter and everything else, I’d expect to be a bit jumpy, but a friend of mine topped it off tonight."

Baresh hands him the Ale, but the young man does not seem to be especially interested in drinking it as he does looking into it.

"We were walking along in the Crossing this evening, when she stopped me. She told me she had an odd vision…This, she told me, is what she saw:"

"The acrid sting of lava singes your throat and nostrils, causing your eyes to water uncontrollably. With a gleeful chortle, a voice taunts, "It burns! It dominates all! My precious lava! No, you could not solve my puzzle!

"Just as the sulphurous haze is about to engulf you, a thin ray of light parts the curling yellow mist and a puff of sweet air relieves your burning lungs. Staggering instinctively towards the fresh air, you sense that an opening to the outside has finally open. With a stab of satisfaction you know that you’ve WON!"

With that the young man guzzles the entire ale, only a bit of leaking alcohol on his cheeks

"That’s all she saw…If you could, pass it around, see if anyone can make heads or tails of it"

Baresh shakes his hand, and finds a third silver resting in his palm. The young man flips up his eyepatch, winks at Baresh and walks out of the bar.