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Posted by on 1999 Mar 7 |

Paladin Competition

(Theren, Therengia: 55 Ka’len 357)

Well Barkeep I got some news from up in Theren where those nobles have been hangin out thought ya might wanna pass it on..

"Lord Torsten Hedeon is seeking the finest Paladin in the land to serve as Champion to his niece, the Lady Galya. Said person must be pure and honorable of heart and spirit, as judged by a soulstone. Said candidate must be willing to serve Lady Galya and hereby need to reside in Theren to be at her disposal and for her constant protection."

"Knights shall present themselves on March 14 at 9pm ET, in the Great hall of Theren Keep, to enlist in the tournament for Champion. Entrance fee is 5 gold."

"All candidates will engage in a tournament of Heavy edged, Medium edged or Medium blunt weapons, of the combatants choice, will be held in the Amphitheatre of Theren, March 21 at 5 pm ET to find the suitable knight. No magic spells shall be present of combatants prior to beginning combat. [Ed Note: weapon requirements updated to any melee weapon.]

"No Missle weapons shall be allowed. To prevent untimely accidental death, an empath will attend all combatants in the arena. A raising cleric will be there as well. All fighting shall be in the form of a Challenge to the Pain contest. Any Paladin not observing this shall be eliminated from the contest. Knights will be judged on fair play, honor and ability. Only those who show true courtly skills on and off the battle field will be considered."

"Winner takes one half of purse; one quarter going to payment of fines, and the remaining to second."

Hodryn adds, "Baresh, now all the activity, and whispering going on about which weapons, and when will it be make sense. I tell you, folks can learn some interesting stuff being an empath and just standing around in Theren, but this, well I never imagined. I hope she finds someone nice to protect her…all the paladins in Theren seem to be fond of her."

"Oh and hey! I did see that nice Lord Jarod the other day! He helped the cleric for house Hedeon, Narent, and I with a raise. Knelt right down in his fine clothes and helped us, and even glyphed the poor dead man. Needless to say, I was shocked. Wouldn’t you be?"

I’ll let you know more when I hear something…


Baresh started working at the Wren’s Nest when it first opened in 349AL. He’s been hearing the news and pouring drinks ever since then.