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Posted by on 1999 May 30 |

The Refugees Talk of Their Struggle

(Crossing, Zoluren: 392 Nissa 357)

A weary looking trader walks through the door and plops down on a barstool. "Baresh," he says "there have been some strange happenings of late."

With that, he orders a brandy and begins to tell his story.

"I was out trading today…on my way to Tiger Clan when I saw a large congregation of people. Now, Tiger Clan isnt exactly a populated area usually, so I stopped to check it out. Turns out these people were refugees….Some Prydaen, some the Rakash….So I began to converse with ’em.

I gave the Prydaen leader Vael what little cash I had on me and proceeded to lead ’em to the Crossing. Once there, I took a small group of Prydaen(Seasdaih, Sunyl, and Balam) to the Academy Asemath. Balam is apparently the distinguished Loremaster of the Prydaen. We stayed there for a while and they told us of the evil Lyras." Elstaire shudders momentarily, and then goes on.

"Lyras is a necromancer of some power, and she has the ability to raise the dead to fight for her. A true Dark Cleric it would seem." Elstaire chuckles slowly and looks into the bottom of his glass. "Baresh, I’d greatly appreciate a refill." He smiles, and Baresh fills his glass. "Anyway, Lyras has ravaged these people. She has destroyed nearly all their cities(which they call Hubs), and forced them to kill their own families." He sighs and looks up at Baresh. "Lyras is coming here Baresh. The Prydaen and others have managed to build a magical barrier that holds her back, but as foreseen by our Moon Mages, it will fall. We must prepare. Get as many favors as you can; they may protect your soul from possession. May Kertigen protect you."

With that Elstaire stands up and throws several platinum coins down on the bar. He smiles wryly at Baresh, who looks back at him dumbfounded. "I’m afraid our money isn’t worth much anymore." He sighs and pulls his cloak around him. He walks out of the bar silently.


Baresh started working at the Wren’s Nest when it first opened in 349AL. He’s been hearing the news and pouring drinks ever since then.