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Posted by on 1999 Apr 24 |

Vision in Gobbies

(Riverhaven, Therengia: 249 Moliko 357)

I was sitting in gobbies earlier in haven, just practicing some skills when all of a sudden . . .

" sparkling blue lights swirl before your eyes, barely unveiling the shadowy image of a darkened path. Footsteps precede the sight of a black jackal trotting down the trail,leading a group of misty figures away from a gleaming road. behind them, a withered serpent herds stragglers toward the procession. without warning the jackal snarls, howls, and falls to the ground. The vision shatters into a thousand splinters of light and then fades."

A couple minutes later I received a new one . . .

"Vertigo momentarily overwhelms you as you sense a great number of souls falling into darkness. Quickly, you regain your balance as the lingering sound of their scream vanishes."

Sobering huh, Baresh?