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Posted by on 1999 Feb 23 |


(Crossing, Zoluren: 8 Akroeg 357)

I’m sitting in rats a working on my targetting magic tonight when all of a sudden I and many others get a vision of the wailing of a young woman over the loss of someone close to her coming from far to the north. I saw the vision of a young noble girl and sorrow filled my heart pushing me to help her.

Well I thought at first Wren but I highly doubt that as I got reports on my newly found kyanite gwethdesuan that it was most likely a girl from the ball. I don’t know — here’s what I heard from Caesa, though:

"A young noble girl from far to the north.. Theren is a paladin’s paradise.. Wasn’t there a young girl being chased by Waerd a while back who was related to some royalty from Theren or something?"

Who knows! All I know is I’m heading to Theren to further look into this as it is my first vision! I am so excited I could bounce all the way!


Baresh started working at the Wren’s Nest when it first opened in 349AL. He’s been hearing the news and pouring drinks ever since then.