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Posted by on 1999 May 3 |

We Got Stomped on Again

(Tiger Clan, Zoluren: 283 Skullcleaver 357)

Greetings, and good eve Barkeep, a Glass of your best Elothean Rice Wine If you may, I have seen things I had wished not to see this night.

I was with my brother Sorill in Shard when he felt a friend of ours die. Him being a moon mage I guess they have that ability, but I digress. When he located our friend he saw many other bodies surrounded by Cyclops and Darvagers, and goblins of all types, Warriors, WarLords, Archers, Bowmen, Princes, and Beserkers to name a few.

Well me being the Hot headed War mage I am, I talked my brother into heading to Tiger clan to help those dead souls, Lo and behold was that ever a bad idea. I tell you friend never under any reason call a Goblin Archer’s mother a Kobold lover. [Shudder] That boy placed 3 arrows into my skin with nary an effort. Alas my rashness also took the life of my brother Sorill.

Later after some kind soul using a spell to hide themselves dragged my bleeding body out of Tiger Clan, I found myself a way to breath again, compliments of a kind paladin with a glyph, and ran back to help my brother.

Well upon entering the church in Tiger Clan I see my brother and a few other dead ones. Sadly first thing I noticed was everyone bickering about who did what and who should be blamed, when we should have been helping our dead. I did catch things about someones beloved being dragged to saftey by one of the one-eyed big boys. and someone named Velix, I can not be sure of the name was being accused of makeing the gods awful green fog that stunned ye ifin you breathed it.

Thanks again for the drink Bar Keep, and the company. Turns to leave pulling up his cloak hood and tosses a gold piece on the bar. Cold nights are coming I can feel it in my bones. Safe Travels Friend.