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Posted by on 1999 Apr 25 |

When the Ogres Come to Town

(Crossing, Zoluren: 253 Moliko 357)

Well I had a strange day today. I was a judge at the first night of the Bardic Tourney and stayed out to wee hours of the night drinking and well I remember girls flying across the room and rolling around a bit. But thats not what I am here to talk about, no I slept there at the in under a nice comfortable table and awoke late today to a ruckus from out in the street.

I stumbled up and walked out the front of the Inn trying to stay out of sight of the bartender in case I hadn’t squared up last night on the bar bill. And I had not gone more than three steps out the door when four young ogres and a scout ogre came running around the corner. Well after blinking a couple times to make sure they where real. I jumped into the fray and soon started reminiscing about the days when it seemed easier to fight five opponents at once.

Eventually, I dispatched them with some help and moved through the town to find out that the whole town was under attack and the number of dead was high. I moved through the town helping out where the numbers where against us and saw many brave deeds by the defenders. Not sure why the town was attacked but I thought I should pass on what I know.

Kortny Horselord <retired performer>