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Posted by on 1999 Jun 16 |

Cyclops Loan Refusal

(Crossing, Zoluren: 60 Ka’len 358)

Usual business outside the provincial bank today was disrupted by the sudden appearance of a Gelv Cyclops at the vanguard of a goblin invasion.

Goblin scouts were briefly spotted in the vicinity but the Cyclops was a big shock. Contemplator Uversy agreed that he may have been in town by conincidence.

The goblins in the raid seemed to be unusally skilled with their bows, dispatching several surprised bystanders in the initial onslaught.

The sheer number of adventurers in and around the area quickly told against the invaders, however, and the incursion was quickly put down.

A second goblin column was sighted marching down the Northern Trade Route, but they were dispatched before even reaching Arthe Dale.

All in all business returned to normal fairly quickly, but some senior Moon Mages believe that the goblins are merely outriders for some more sinister force.