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Posted by on 1999 Jun 17 |

Goblin Archers in Arthe Dale

(Arthe Dale, Zoluren: 61 Ka’len 358)

Zimmara runs into the tavern waving her arms … "Halflin’s and Humans beware … de Goblins is gatherin up your peoples as slaves" …. she takes a deep breath and puts two silver pieces on the bar, nodding to Baresh who slides a Tog ale down the bar …

"I was hunting vipas and doing well dat day … twas jes yesterday I tink <she scratches her head and take a deep swallow of ale> … anyway, I hears on de gweff dat Arthe is under attack, and of course since I was raised dere by halflins who was good to dis Toggie orphan … I ran to help."

"The road there was clear and I thought perhap de fight was over, but it wasn’t … dere were single Goblin archers in various places … and dey was good shots … I fought two of dem along wiff couple of other folk …

"Point is … dey was gathering up halflin’s and humans for slavery <growls deeply> … some folk was saying not ta kill em cause dey jes after halflins and humans <frowns>

"I not smart, but I not dumb enuff to tink dat jes cause dey not after Togs dat dey ok … so I fights em de best I can … I heard dat dere was three of em maybe more … and others in Crossing.

"If ya sees one … be careful fightin it .. hide and get to melee hidden or it will drop ya while you advancin … maybe palies wiff shield be ok but I dodge pretty good and looked like pincushion before it was over … dead too I might add … tho kind friends drag my dead bod to empaff and cleric or I not be here to tell dis tale …

Zimmara empties her mug … smiles … waves .. and strolls out the door …

Baresh started working at the Wren’s Nest when it first opened in 349AL. He’s been hearing the news and pouring drinks ever since then.