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Posted by on 1999 Jun 16 |

Goblin Scouts Visit Crossing

(Crossing, Zoluren: 60 Ka’len 358)

A goblin scout entered the bank and discussed some apparent ‘angry’ words with a bank clerk, before being advanced and chased by a hoarde of adventurers. He eventually slowed down at the Town Green and stopped long enough to question where in town the Trader’s Guild, and to say that his name happened to be Jixin, after a few rude responses of adventurers hellbent on immediate destruction of this scout.

Jixin appeared to be in a hurry, and quickly left off towards the Trader Guild, not to be seen henceforth by a pursuing party.

The goblin scout was in good shape.

It was wearing a pair of dark leather stalking boots, a leather hip pouch embroidered with a giant eye, a leather helm, a dark leather cuirbouilli coat emblazoned with a giant eye.

It was carrying some slender tip bolts, a light crossbow. >>

As I witnessed it:

Zentonio says, "Well Jixin we wish to know of you presence in our town and what you are trading"

A goblin scout says, "Just point me in the general direction."

A goblin scout gets a crinkled parchment and peruses it.

Jagor asks, "Can I come with you, Jixin?"

A goblin scout asks, "Like I’m your tour guide?"

A goblin scout laughs.