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Posted by on 1999 Jun 22 |

Goblins and race wars

(Langenfirth, Therengia: Ka’len 358)

A lone Ranger, one of the scaled ones, saunters into the Tavern.

"Hello, Baresh," he says. "My heart has been heavy this past week or so – pour me something strong."

"Seems there’s trouble ‘tween the races of the lands," he continues, "and I don’t think it’s a good thing."

"Recently, a Prince of the Goblin kind was slain in Crossing – apparently just for being a Goblin. Many fell in the retaliatory strikes that followed."

"I can’t help but see a similarity between this and the old times, after the Dragon Priests, when my kind were hunted and shunned, and I find it interesting that just as we welcome the refugees and new friends to our lands, we shun another race that also seems to have, at least originally, come in peace."

"Kuniyo only knows what trade opportunities and alliances we have tossed to the winds by thinking with our weapons first rather than with our heads."

"Certainly we would have made room for a Golbin Clan area should they have wanted it…"

"Ahh, well… Better pour me another for the road."

The shadowy stranger accepts his flagon, turns and walks out.