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Posted by on 1999 Jul 10 |

Goblins Attempt to Bomb WM Meeting!

(Tiger Clan, Zoluren: 155 Shorka 358)

A small Prydaen tiptoes into the bar, and sits on a barstool without Baresh noticing until he announces himself. "Bartender, milk and lamb meat please."

Baresh gets a bottle of warm milk and a leg of mutton from under the bar, and slides them on a plate down to the Prydaen perched on all 4’s apon the barstool. The Prydaen reaches into his tail pouch and places a few silver coins apon the bar, and begins to eat his meal.

The Prydaen begins speaking as he eats, "Hey Baresh, did you hear about the goblins that recently tried to sabotage the warrior mage meeting with fire bombs?"

Baresh shakes his head as he listens to the Prydaen weave his tale.

The Prydaen pauses for a moment to drink from his milk and take another bite, then continues.

"There I was, rolling in the grass of the town green during the familiar race, When 3 jabbering goblins come running across the green, they lept over me, ignoring me, hmph. They continued running toward the amphitheatre, I saw them open some pouches and begin sloshing a strange smelly liquid from them on the walls of the amphitheatre!"

The Prydaen pauses for a moment to catch his breath.

"A moment later a handful of people led by a gor’tog with a skull tattoo on his face arrived, and began shooting at the goblins, they ran away squealing and yabbling, 2 were cut down, I saw one run into an alley, I pointed him out and he was shot in the neck as he ran by that gor’tog."

The Prydaen slips off the barstool and picks up the mutton haunch and says, "Thank you for the food and drink Baresh."

Baresh calls out to the Prydaen, asking what the liquid was. The Prydaen says, "I believe it is called Naptha." The Prydaen leaves the tavern skipping lightly and Baresh with a complacent look on his face.