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Posted by on 1999 Sep 3 |

Guardian Angel visits Novice Cleric

(Mer’Kresh, Qi’Reshalia: 360 Dolefaren 358)

Nae more than a few weeks back, I was ‘eaded ta Ratha fer some reason or otha–thin’ I was goin’ ta try th’untin’ on th’islands–when a Novice Cleric started babblin’ ’bout ‘avin’ ta save M’Riss and ‘avin’ ‘eard ‘er guardian angel speak. Personally, I didnae buy a word of what she said, but I didnae want ta see a Dwarven lass throw away ‘er life, so I joined ‘er and listened ta ‘er story.

Guri Gildenore ‘ad just ‘eaded out from ‘er little chat with Tallis when she felt an invisible force ‘uggin’ ‘er. She ran, but it was still with ‘er, and finally it spoke, sayin’ it didnae want ta ‘urt ‘er, and that it was ‘er guardian angel. She said th’angel told ‘er ta get ta M’Riss in orda ta save th’island, and that she needed ‘elp in orda ta do so.

Personally, I thought she ‘ad a bit too much rum ta drink.

Ta make a long story short, I rode th’stinkin’ boat ta Ratha and caught a Moongate ta M’riss, and along with a few othas (Tyryan, Redarch, Issus, Rayfe, and othas), we wandad ’round lookin’ fer more ‘elp. We all got th’idea ta pray in th’oasis, and suddenly th’smoke ova Mer’Kresh turned golden. A voice spoke ta Guri and said that she needed ta journey beyond th’land of th’dead ta get ta ‘er destiny. Now, we wandad ’round fer Kertigen knows ‘ow long when Issus got th’bright idea that Guri needed ta die ta walk through th’land of th’dead.

I ‘ad made a promise ta keep Guri safe, and I didnae like th’thought of ‘avin’ ta break that promise, so I tried m’best ta keep th’lass alive. It wasnae good enough, and a warria mage granted ‘er a painless death with a lightnin’ bolt. Tyryan managed ta keep me from lashin’ out in anga and Guri departed, windin’ up behind enemy lines in Mer’Kresh.

Redarch was in Mer’Kresh at th’time, and I was told ‘e kept ‘er safe until th’rest of us could get there, at which point I gave m’life twice defendin’ Guri from th’Pirates. Miloubrae ‘ad a convasation with th’two of us, and seemed a bit scared of Guri, despite ‘is mockin’ laughta.

Guri served as a point fer th’defendas ta rally ’round, and eventually th’pirates were driven off th’island. I ‘ave been told that th’pirate’s ‘idden lair on M’Riss was just north of th’dunes… Right where th’angel ‘ad said it would be.

As fer Guri now… Well, we’re… Bah. She’s wearin’ m’ring, I suppose ye could say. If’n yer lookin’ ta come ta th’weddin’, let me know, eh?